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3 features that are still missing in Real-time Marketing

Aktualisiert: 29. Apr.

Real-time Marketing is a great evolution for Dynamics Customer Insights - Journeys. However, features are still missing that make it difficult for me to push outbound marketing out of my everyday life.


1. Real-time Marketing forms are not that flexible compared to their counterparts from Outbound

In my eyes the new forms are too limited (right now), to be a 1:1 replacement. Here are some of the features which are still missing: - Form level double opt-in - No option to create/update Contacts AND Leads at the same time - There are no extra form fields, where you can change the mapping of the Contact and Lead fields at any time


2. No easy creation of Marketing form templates

Real-time Marketing Form Templates do exist, but they are only reachable via customization of the Marketing App. Yes, you can copy Real-time Marketing forms, but templates would help alot for agencies creating master templates for their customers.


3. No replacement for Marketing pages (except the minimum standalone pages for Marketing forms)

This is one of the absolute pain points. Without landing pages the Marketing department looses the ability to host fully customized Subscription Centers or at least simple Thank You - pages on their own environment. Instead, the CMS team needs to be involved or an experienced developer is needed to build some additional Power pages.

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