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Marketing - August 2023 update - Review

Aktualisiert: 19. Nov. 2023

The official update notes from Microsoft can be found here.

I'm trying to test the new or updated features and give some tips how they could improve your daily work. It's only a first look and a small evaluation, not a deeper analysis. My ratings are also completely subjective and not meant to criticize Microsoft's product policy in any way.


1. Outbound Marketing is no longer part of the initial setup (for new customers)

Outbound Marketing seems to be now in a kind of sunset state and will not receive any more updates. You can still request the installation via a support ticket, but this may not be possible forever.

But at the moment there are still features in Outbound, which are not covered by Real-time so I can't recomment to cut off the module right now. Examples are the possibility to send emails through Customer Journeys to different Contact email addresses or define an expire date for emails. Rating: Good Need to wait a couple of months for some missing features in Real-time and slowly plan the transition from Outbound to Real-time.


2. New Lead Scoring Builder (General availability)

Requested for a long time, but now it is there. With the new builder we are now able to score Leads directly without a parent Contact. It has also a much better user experience and handling than the old one in Outbound. Some functionalities are still missing (Grades, ability to reduce points over time), but I think it's worth switching as soon as possible. Rating: Use it!


3. Entity references for custom triggers

No evaluation right now. Rating: None

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