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Marketing - October 2023 update - Review

Aktualisiert: 19. Nov. 2023

The official update notes from Microsoft can be found here.

I'm trying to discuss the most important new or updated features and give some tips, how they could improve your daily work. It's only a first look and a small evaluation, not a deeper analysis. My ratings are also completely subjective and not meant to criticize Microsoft's product policy in any way.


General availability Copilot is now general available worldwide and in seven languages (Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish). I need to test it through the next weeks and update this blog post.


Public preview

Quiet times for communication channels

An interesting new feature to have more control over your message delivery and exclude specific timetables like weekends.

Even better are the Quiet dates! This opens up the opportunity to add all public holidays at the beginning of the year at once.

Rating: Great!


The rest of the new features are more copilot stuff and some updates for the settings area and the security roles. I'm sure, it will help to improve the product and remove some of the existing issues.

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