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3 ways to boost your Real-time Marketing forms

Aktualisiert: 19. Nov. 2023

The new Real-time Marketing forms are now general available and you may consider to move your Outbound forms within the next week or months. But before doing so, I recommend three ways to optimize and boost your Real-time forms for your daily work. Please note: My suggestions include customizations to forms and views, which need some experience with solutions and deployment processes. Also your company guidelines may not allow you to add or remove the described attributes. If you are unsure, please ask your developers and Dynamics admins first.


1. Add Marketing form type and Status to improve your control

Add the Marketing form type field to easily switch between Marketing - and Event registration forms. This simplifys your work as you can now create any type of form directly or switch the type with only one click. I also suggest to add the Status field to the Form settings. This enables the option to deactivate a form if it is not used anymore. So you will not loose any Submission data.


2. Update default Marketing form view

The out of the box Real-time Marketing form view has a filter enabled to exclude all Event registration forms. This makes it complicated to get a summary over your used Marketing forms regardless of their type. So I renamed the default view to 'All Active Real-time Marketing forms' and added the Marketing form type as a column.

Then I changed the filter to Status = Active and removed all other criteria.

Now you see ALL Marketing forms and their form type in your standard view.


3. Add a background color to your forms and standalone pages

If you are using the standalone page for Marketing forms option, you may want to change the background color of the whole page. Unfortunately, there is no easy option in the settings. So we need to tweak the HTML code sligtly. Search for <form class="marketingForm"> in the code and add the background color as shown in the screenshot below:

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