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Boost your Marketing: Setup LINK Mobility as an SMS provider in Customer Insights - Journeys

There are several ways getting in touch with your customers via Customer Insights - Journeys. The most common way, of course, will be via email. But there may be lots of blockers for your clients to receive your commercial or transactional emails due to server restrictions, spam and IP regulations or blocked domains. And therefore an alternative channel could help to avoid these issues.

This article will describe how to setup a new SMS provider with LINK Mobility, where to get the integration parameters and what values you need to provide in return.

Please note: I'm not receiving any financial compensation or other advantages from LINK Mobility. I have chosen this provider as it offers support in German language, German mobile numbers and servers within europe.


1. Register a LINK Mobility account

You can sign up here a free 14 day trial:


2. Setup a new SMS provider

To start the setup process in Customer Insights - Journeys navigate to 'SMS providers' in the settings menu and select LINK Mobility from the list:

For the next step you need the support from LINK Mobility as you can't get the requested values on your own. Within your LINK Mobility account you should see the contact details of your customer success manager or an support email address. Write a short email and ask for the following information:

  • Platform ID

  • Platform Partner ID

  • Gate ID

  • Username

  • Password

  • The Base URL should be (It may be a different one if you are located outside of europe)

  • Ask for a personal mobile number which you can use for sending out the messages

In return provide LINK Mobility the following information:

  • Delivery report callback URL

  • Incoming callback URL


3. Create a text message sender

Fo sending out text messages you need to register a sender. Add a new one by clicking on the + New sender button and use the personal mobile number as the text message sender.


4. Test the integration

To test it just create a new text message and use the Test send functionality to send out a message to your own phone number.

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