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Get ready for Real-time | Episode 1: Marketing E-Mails

Aktualisiert: 14. Dez. 2023

Since September 2023 Outbound Marketing is now in a sunset state and will not receive any new features or updates. Now it's time to think about a transfer of your Marketing assets to the new Real-time area and boost your Marketing speed and performance. This series will show you some tips and guides how to perform this in a time saving and efficient way.


Import your Marketing emails and templates via the transfer tool

Dynamics provides a well designed option to easily migrate your emails from Outbound to Real-time. You just need to click on the button Import emails in your Real-time email section. This will work for your Marketing email templates in the exact same way (you need to do this from your template section of course).

Then select the Outbound emails which you want to transfer to Real-time:

If you also want to import the used Content Blocks, tick the checkbox:

Select Start and wait for the Finish report (waiting time depends on how many emails need to be imported):


Manual rework tips for your transferred emails

  1. Enable The View in browser link in Feature Switches, if you want to use it in Real-time. There is then a new option in the Link Drop-down menu.

  2. Replace your old Outbound Content Settings placeholders with direct links in your emails (mainly used for social media links in the past).

  3. Check, if you need additional Compliance profiles for the transferred emails.

  4. Create new Conditional Content for those sections, where you have used conditional statements in the past (like this one shown below:) {{#if (eq 'Germany')}} Guten Tag {{contact.firstname}} {{else if (eq 'US')}} Hello {{contact.firstname}}{{/if}}

  5. Review the Personalization placeholders (for example FirstName, LastName, ...), if they have been transferred correctly. Sometimes, the automatic replacement doesn't recognice the correct linkage and is not able to recreate the Personalization in Real-time.

  6. Rename your imported Content Blocks in Real-time (if neccessary). They will include the Word 'Outbound' in their name which may lead to some confusion.

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