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How to add Contacts via Real-time Journeys to Marketing lists

Aktualisiert: 19. Nov. 2023

I often add Contacts in my Real-time Journeys to static Marketing lists after specific Journey milestones have been reached or at the end of a path. Unfortunately, there is no tile in the Journey designer for this use case, so we need to create a workaround with a custom trigger and an Automated Cloud Flow.


1. Create a custom trigger with two attributes

First thing we need is a custom trigger in Real-time Marketing. I recommend creating only one trigger and re-use it for all Marketing lists.

Set the Customer Data to 'Contact' and add the additional Text attributes 'Marketing list name' and 'Marketing list ID'.


2. Create a static Marketing list and get the list ID

Create a new static Marketing list or choose an existing one. If you don't have access to Outbound Marketing anymore, you may do this also from the regular Sales App. Or just add the Marketing lists to the Real-time navigation by customizing the Model Driven App.

To add the correct Marketing list to your flow, you need the unique Marketing list ID. To get it, just save your list and check the browser URL, where you can then find it easily. Copy the ID to your clipboard.


3. Add your custom trigger to a Real-time Journey

Just place your custom trigger in a Journey and add values to your two attributes. Be sure to fill in the correct Marketing list ID from your clipboard into the corresponding attribute (double check if neccessary!).


4. Create an Automated Cloud Flow

Now we have everything to design our automated cloud flow. Just create a new one from blank and give it a name.

It's a simple two-step flow, which can be rebuild from the screenshot:

  1. For Row ID use the dynamic content: ActionInputs msdymkt_marketinglistid

  2. For EntityId use the dynamic content: ActionInputs msdymkt_profileid


5. Enable your flow

Turn on your flow and thats it! Now you can easily push your Contacts via a flow to your Marketing lists.

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